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No setting or blow drying from tough 4C to this using Senati hair growth oil and butter


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Started with having passion to formulate my own products for my skin and hair. I mixed oils for my skin daily and my skin has been beautiful and looking young always.  The love I have for organic products led me to continue discovering secrets to beauty which I am sharing to the world. 

Having natural hair and the toughest kinky hair was a problem and not finding the products which loosen the toughness of the kinky coils, I started researching on the oils and butters that can make it loose, manageable and with many trials, I found 2 special ingredients that do this and on top of that I wanted badly my hair to grow long as it was always breaking and was stunt not growing at a normal rate. I found more oils that make the hair grow at a fast rate. 

My hair was the weakest hair one can ever had. Those who know me, know this. 

Senati formulation made the hair grow fast, health with strong and soft feeling. I don't blow dry my hair only use these products in twist and finger stretch and style as desired and no dryer at all. even in the pictures on the website no dryer used. 

One more thing, my hair type is the type of hair which cannot stay straight after blow dry but with this oil and without blow dry, it can stay for long without going back to tough kinky if not braided. 

I want to have some curls, I twist and do Bantu knot and get pretty big curls which I had never got given my tough 4C kinky hair. This can be seen is the picture uploaded here.

Senati is here to share its wonderful products to the world.